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The General and Framing Contractor's Partner


Dimensional Lumber

Green / Dry Douglas Fir and Hemlock Fir, Southern Yellow Pine

FSC Certified

Lumber and Panels

Engineered Wood Products

Metal plated and commercial floor trusses, Roof trusses, Trimmable end open joists

Panel Products

Gypsum Sheathing and Wallboard, Wonder, Sound, Roller Rink, and Carpet Board, Wood Fiber Sheathing, Panel 15, Skidguard, Laminated, MDO & HDO Form Plywood Products, Tempered and Standard Hardboard, Thermo Ply


Fibre Cement, Hardboard Sidings, Smart Lap Panel & Trim, Cladwood Sidings, Shakertown Sidings, Vinyl Sidings, Wood Sidings, Fancy Cut Shingle, Cedar Valley Shingle Systems


Felts, Housewrap, Kraft Sheathing Paper, Kraft Paper, Roll Roofing, Fiberglass & Asphalt Shingles, Wood Shingles & Shakes


Fiberglass Building Insulation, Insul Foam Rigid Insulation, Styro Foam Rigid Insulation, Foam & Fiberglass Sill Sealer

Metal & Hardware

Vents, Hangers, Hat Channel, Fasteners & Gun Nails, Metal Framing, Screws, Bolts, Flashings, Rebar

Specialty Wood Products

Wood Vents, Glulam Beams, Treated Lumber & Plywood, Interior Finish Trim, Hardwoods, Wood Shutters, MillWork, Handrails, Lattice Panels, Poles, Shelving